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z-Tree - Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments


Public goods game
Ultimatum game
Prisoner's dilemma game
Two person 2x2 normal form game (Battle of the sexes)
Normal double auction
Double auction in an asset market in German
Design: Smith, Suchanek, Williams (1988).
Simple Dutch auction
Demonstration treatment for the interface elements
Personality questionnaire of H. Brandstätter in German
Brandstätter, H. (1988). Sechzehn Persönlichkeits-Adjektivskalen (16PA) als Forschungs­instrument anstelle des 16PF [Sixteen personality-adjective-scales as research instrument in place of the 16PF]. Zeitschrift für experimentelle und angewandte Psychologie, 35, 370-391.
Chat Demo Screenshot
Demonstrates the use of the chat box.